My Astronaut is a mockumentary web series about a private, billionaire-backed Mars colonization mission and the young, potential astronauts competing to be selected as crew members. We follow the story of surprise frontrunner Maggie, an earnest former school teacher and Staten Island resident and her slow-witted boyfriend Micah. More than anything, Maggie cares about space and Micah cares about Maggie. 

Watch all eight episodes here:

Co-stars include: Scott Adsit, Glenn Brown, Delaney Buffett, Arlene Chico-Lugo, Robert Dean, Inger Sveberg Dietrichs, Pia Glenn, Samuel Greenberg, Maia Huang, Hernán Jiménez, Leslie Meisel, Thomas Mentel, Fabio Basso Montanari, Tim O'Connor, Scott Riehs, Kim Rosen, Callum Smith, Sarah Stiles, Ramon O Torres, Jeff Williams, and Monica Wyche

Music by Alex Schaaf of Yellow Ostrich and Human Heat.

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